Authors' circle of the Federal Republic of Germany. Forum for Literature and Politics
an unbelievably innovative group of people who care for the former escape tunnels in Berlin
we do not want any murder weapons as "sport weapons" in shooting clubs
a wonderful woman with a large "rucksack" full of memories and collected facts about the former GDR.
Medications against "Ostalgie" (East melancholy)
Much information – almost everything – about the Berlin Wall. Especially interesting around the year 1965!
Internet portal to info on the GDR dictatorship, the Wall and the border, Stasi, escape from the GDR, the peaceful revolution, fall of the Wall and reevaluation
reevaluation of the border situation in the area of Helmstedt
website of Roland Schreyer, refugee and escape helper
website on the search for children who had been forcibly adopted in the GDR
Online-advice for seeking people: children forcibly adopted in the GDR
Online-advice for victims of the SED regime, with many interesting "subsidiary products"
search portal for forcibly adopted children further themes on inquiry

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